Japanese SAKE FAIR 2022
One of the largest events in
Japan where you can enjoy the charm of sake


	Taste Japanese Sake.Taste with a Smile.
	June 17 Fri ,18 Sat
	Place Tokyo International Forum Hall E
	Japanese Sake Fair 3,000YEN
	Open Sake Tasting 3,000YEN
	Original Choko (small sake cup)
	will be presented to thosewho answered thequestionnaire on the day!
You must present proof of vaccination against
new coronavirus infections of at least 2 doses to enter the building.
Entrance tickets are only available in advance
WEB registration & purchase is required in advance.Please purchase from the link below.

New Information

Information on "Sake Seminar" is available.
Teaser website for “Japanese Sake Fair”was released
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The 14th Japanese Sake Fair
Ticket is valid only for one Part

Supported by Japan Tourism Agency

Sake brewing associations from 45 prefectures will each have their own theme for the exhibition, with sake tastings and sales from (500 people each time)

Part 1
June 17(Fri)
Part 2
June 18(Sat)
*Business meetings (only for those involved in liquor and food and beverage business) The general public is not allowed to enter.
Part 3
June 18(Sat)
Part 4
June 18(Sat)
Japanese Sake Fair

PR Corner for Sake Brewery Tours

Sending out information on visits, tours, etc. through sake brewing tourism.

Sake-related Information Exhibition Corner

Introducing topics related to sake, including the registered intangible cultural property "Traditional Sake Brewing".

YouTube Live

Guest MCs will visit 45 exhibitors' booths at the National Sake Fair, which will be broadcast live on YouTube on Saturday, June 18 at 10:00am!

MC Mikoi Sasaki
Mikoi SasakiVoice actor / Certified Kikisake-shi

Comparison of 200 selected Sake Appraising Fair Gold Medal-winning sakes
National New Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair
Open Sake Tasting
Co-sponsored by :  National Bureau's Research Institute of Brewing

Supported by Japan Tourism Agency

Approximately 200 gold medal-winning sakes from the "National New Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair" in May this year will appear. Find your favorite sake amongst the finest new sake from the various breweries that have poured their skills and passion into their(300 people each time)

Part 1
June 18(Sat)
Part 2
June 18(Sat)
Part 3
June 18(Sat)

*We will have plenty of sake available for tasting, but please be patient in case we run out.

Open Sake Tasting

Learn about sake in an enjoyable way
Sake Seminar
9 lectures in all
each lecture about 60 min. long

Only ticket purchasers can attend
Free of
June 18 (Sat)

Seminars will be held on various topics such as how to drink and enjoy sake. Some courses will be delivered live.

Scheduled to start application on 6/6 (Monday) (first 30 people each time)

Sake Seminar
Place : Tokyo International Forum Seminar Room 1・2
WEB registration & purchase is required in advance.Please purchase from the link below.

Past Japanese Sake Fairs

*Images are from Japanese Sake Fair 2019

New coronavirus infection measures are being
taken to prevent the spread of the disease.
Please cooperate in keeping  the distance. Close contact avoidance measures
Please wear a mask. Measures to prevent droplet infection
Place disinfectant solutions and disinfect regularly.Measures to prevent contact infection
Ventilation is conducted regularly. Sealed conditions avoidance measures
Admission limit.Crowded conditions avoidance measures
Please No one under 20 yars old is allowed to enter.
Even if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • ●Drinking alcohol is permitted only after the age of 20.
  • ●No one under 20 years old is allowed to enter.
  • ●No tastings for those who plan to drive a car, etc.
  • ●Do not drink and drive!
  • ●Drink deliciously and drink only a moderate amount.
  • ●Be careful when drinking alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeegin, as it may affect the development of the fetus and infant.
  • ●Recycle after drinking.
If the organizer determines that drunkenness, trouble, or any other
behavior is causing inconvenience to other guests,
you will be asked to take a break or leave the venue.

Please note that the information in this page is subject to change.
All images are for reference only.

Sponsored by :Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association

This event is a subsidized project by the IRS

Japanese SAKE FAIR 2022 Event Secretariat
TEL:03-6272-3516(10:00~17:00 *Excluding weekends and holidays)